Lamplighter -
Custom software development company

We lower your software development cost without quality loss

Always in time

We do our best to fulfill deadlines our customers set.

Always in touch

We are always here and ready to discuss any issue.

High quality and reliability

The quality of software we make is our main focus!

About us

Lamplighter – is a software developing company based in Minsk, Belarus, the silicon valley of CIS.  So there are always a lot of talented engineers around ready to solve complex problems and make a reliable software. We gather best of them in our team to meet the high standards we set.

Services we provide

Outstaffing (35 - 50 $/h)

Having difficulties to find a developer, project manager or designer for your project? We will provide you with the one you need.

Turnkey project development

Got a project? We will implement it from scratch starting with design and planning and finishing with implementing all necessary pieces of software is needed, as well as tackle all deliver process.

Research and prototyping

Got an idea or new technology to be explored? We will dive deep into the topic and provide you with all the expertise we have as well as implement minimal viable product on your request.

The only thing we know is how to make a software

The key competence of our company is software development. So we are focused on things we know and we do it well. Three key components of successful software development company are high skilled engineers, talented designers and motivated managers. At lamplighter we constantly working on qualification and motivation of our teamv via educational courses, interesting tasks, and decent salary.

Company skill set

Skilled engineers

We have got engineers of different level from highly experienced team leads who knows how choose the right architecture for your project to talented junior developers focused on very detail of the code.

Talented designers

Our designers know everything about how to make an convenient and cosy app interfaces.

Motivated project managers

Managers at lamplighter know how organise and motivate the other people and what is more important they know how to find a common ground with our customers.

Technology stack

Programming languages

-We are very good at: c++, python, java
-We are good at: js, C#, php.
-We keep our skills up to date. And constantly experiment with new languages and frameworks.


-We know a lot about: backend-end development, blockchain, custom app development.
-We are experienced in: front-end development, machine learning, game-development.


-We use broad set of designers tools for 2D, 3D and UI/UX design, like Figma or Adobe software.
-We know how to implement smooth workflow with all kind of task management apps and CI/CD instruments. Like for example, gitlab.
-We know how to run apps we build properly at clouds services like AWS or Digital Ocean.

Pricing and profile

For pricing and portfolio please visit lamplighter clutch profile or contact our sales representative. Also u can reach us via contact form or email: