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About the Partnership Program

We offer partnerships to legal entities and individuals in various areas of cooperation: offering businesses UI/UX design services, mobile application development, mobile application publishing, and ASO optimization. Delegate design or development if you are a freelancer, receiving your commission under the terms of the Partnership Program. Earn up to 10% of the deal.

Start earning right now: find out about the conditions and leave a request on our email We are always open for discussion and will listen to counteroffers. We cooperate with entities of any organizational and legal form and freelancers. We work in Russia, the CIS, Europe and around the world.

Who benefits from the partnership program?

Company executives understand that specialists are professionally versed in modern business solutions. And the recommendations of professionals carry a lot of weight. If you are a successful advertising specialist, SMM specialist, manager, copywriter, designer or B2B specialist – you have a client base or customer pool who need services in design, development or promotion of mobile apps – take part in the Lamplighter Partnership Program.

Why is it beneficial to participate in our Partnership Program?

  • Payouts grow with each client Attract more customers and get a larger reward. Up to 5% for the first one and up to 10% starting from the tenth + discount on studio services
  • Transparent lead fixation system All requests are recorded in our CRM system. Each request is assigned a unique partner code. We will notify you about the status of the request, as well as the amount of partnership pay outs
  • Constant income We pay partners monthly – you earn as long as the client you referred uses the studio services.
  • Any strategies. Quantity or quality? Get powerful results regardless of the chosen strategy – either refer many clients or find orders with a high average check. Typically, a check depends on the niche: the more complex the niche, the higher the check.

Terms of the Partnership Program.

Recommend services to entrepreneurs and companies. Delegate your tasks or lead clients through the service funnel. We take care of negotiations and sales, and you receive a monthly reward for each client.

What services can be recommended?

  • UI/UX design of mobile applications.
  • Mobile application development.
  • Publishing of mobile applications.
  • Analytics and promotion of mobile apps in stores.

Payment procedure for Partnership Program.

Option 1: 20 EUR/leadOption 2: 10% of the closed deal.
You receive a fixed amount of 20 EUR for each lead transferred, regardless of whether they became our client or not.You get 10% from the first transaction with the referred client. And 5% from each following transaction with them.

If the contract with a referred client is signed, but the prepayment is not made, payments to the partner's account are postponed for a period equal to the delay in the prepayment from the customer.

How will the interaction between us happen?

  • Add the "mobile development" section to your website
  • Share client data with us
  • Track status
  • Get paid every month.