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New season - film festival app

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Initial conditions.

The ARCOMP company is a company that specializes in technical support and support for events of various formats. Their events were held using websites, but after analyzing user needs, ARCOMP approached us with the idea of creating a mobile application for holding events, specifically for the New Season cinema festival.

Analysis and Solution proposal.

After conducting the appropriate technical analysis, analyzing business requirements and obtaining a corporate identity, it was decided to develop the application using the cross-platform react-native framework.


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Project planing

After several online meetings with the customer, all the details of the project were clarified, the terms of reference, budget and time management of the project were agreed upon. The duration of the project was estimated at 1.5 months.


Development took about 1 month, after which the first release took place in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Observable results

Visitors and organizers unanimously noted that when using the mobile application, it has become much more convenient and comfortable to buy tickets, evaluate the schedule and plan your visit to the event. Everyone now has a mobile phone in their pocket, so the convenience is undeniable.

Further development and maintenance

Users appreciated the implementation of the mobile application, so it was decided to continue the development of projects. Every year we update the design depending on the current theme and corporate style of film festivals, update the functionality, adding more and more new features. The number of film festival visitors is growing, because users will always be where it is convenient, comfortable and modern.