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Zapovednik (online store app)


Initial conditions.

Zapovednik is the pet store retail chain based on Yekaterinburg (Russia). By the moment of our first contact they already had an online store as well as mobile application. But the problem was in the fact that their application was made using low-code solution of pure quality. Which resulted to constant customer complain about bugs and app crushes, which led to very low rating (1.2 star on average) in Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Analysis and Solution proposal.

After proper technical analysis and business requarment analyses it was proposed to create new design and develop application from scratch using react-native cross-platform framework. Several more iteration of negotiation were conducted and finally it was agreed to develop an MVP.

Project planing

After stakeholders agreement on overall strategy and budged for MVP the work on deeper technical details and design was started. Project duration was estimated as 8 month.

New design

product listuser accountorder placing


It took us roughly 7 month of development before first production release on both Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Observable results

  • Dramatic increase in rating from 1.2⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐. Despite the fact that first version of application was still rough and basic in terms of functionality, it was way better that previous one. And observed it via increased amount of positive reviews.
  • Increased amount of downloads.
  • Increased amount of in-app sales.

Further development and maintenance

Initial launch of MVP was evaluated as successful. It was decided to continue development of the project. So now we continue to keep care of the application and release new updates every several weeks. Our clients customer base is growing as well as revenue.

Download app.

You can download an app to see the result yourself.