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At 💡Lamplighter we have transparent and easy to understand pricing.

Pay as you go option

If you prefer to pay on the per task basis. We will charge you every month based on amount of time spent on tasks related to your project.

Project managementSoftware developmentUI/UX design
Per hour rate35 EUR/hour during planing phase.
Included into price during development.
50 EUR/Hour35 EUR/Hour

Typical project life cycle

Project phaseTime estimateCost estimation
1. Initial analysis and requirements gathering1 month1750 EUR
2. Solution arhitecture and design1-2 month10000 EUR
3. Development2-6 month40000 EUR
4. Maintenance and further developmentas long as required50 EUR/H

Typical project estimation

Project typeCost estimate
Android app MVP40000 EUR
iOS app MVP40000 EUR
Cross-platform app MVP50000 EUR
UI/UX redesign5000 EUR

Prices listed above are estimations and actual cost depends on the project size.

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